I think we might be too dependent on verbal means of communication. Verbal communication applies “lossy” compression techniques that too often obscure clear mutual understanding. Expressing feelings and other pre-verbal (deeper than verbal–not less developed) experiences simply cannot be encompassed by our abstract alphabet. Anything that tries to open the bandwidth to normal experience levels quickly becomes unreadable; like Finnegan’s Wake. If not unreadable, it’s certainly limited by the amount of time it takes to download all the information it contains.

This is one of the reasons I’m fascinated by visual languages. An image has far greater bandwidth than a word. The cliche underestimates the number of words that can equal a powerful image. Image can handle pre-verbal experiences with much less loss of signal as well.

Unfortunately, most people I meet are visual illiterates to some degree. There simply is no societal-wide push to teach how to communicate with image. Not like there is to promote verbal literacy (I’m using “verbal” to refer to both the spoken and the written word. Lossy compression again). I see it every day. 2 of my favorite t-shirts contain image information, that when understood, can be expected to evoke a response. Few respond. This is good for me in the sense that there is a vast untapped market awaiting me, if I can only find a way to crack it open. It’s bad because I have no idea of how to promote visual literacy on a broad scale. I guess this is why most really popular artists can bullshit with the best of them: since few potential customers can actually understand sophisticated visual communication, the artists that can talk fast are the ones to land the sale.

he giveth, he taketh away(eth)

I’ve been thinking about the term “indian giver”, mostly because my daughter (1 yr old) seems to be one. I’ve always disliked it, thinking it was another example of “White Man’s 1001 ways to screw over the Red Man”. This week I realized that I was misunderstanding this figure of speech; an “indian giver” is not “one who gives, then takes back like a good-for-nothing redskin,” rather, he/she is simply one following the standard practice of “the White Man” in dealing with Native Americans. One gives to an indian, then one steals it right back. Not “an indian who gives” but “one who gives to an indian”. This is how you can find humor in anything. Funny how I’d been seeing it upside-down all this time.

the smell of Change is on the wind (or I need to do laundry)

I’m working on an overhaul of incurablyinformed.com. The first step is to generate some new content. Then is to convert some of that content to a saleable form. I’m growing less enthusiastic daily about selling my originals, so I intend to produce some more limited print runs for sale. Maybe some merchandising as well. I figure what the hell, when in Rome, eh? A coworker and I have been tossing around the idea of a porno playing card deck. I’ll let you know on that one.

bah, humbug.

I avoided something like this as long as I could because I have no interest in coding. However, I’m so overly concerned with the look of this thing that it looks like I’ll have to. I seem unable to accept someone else’s template design. Oy.

Up and running

This is definitely a work in progress. I’ll be editing and adjusting the appearance of this blog as I figure out style sheets. Til then, bear with the look.