Medium sized message

In the introduction to the second edition of his book Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan writes, “The art and poetry of Zen create involvement by means of the interval, not by the connection used in the visually oriented Western world. Spectator becomes artist in Oriental art because he must supply all the connections.”

Hot Damn! This is what art is all about for me! That’s the kind of art I love, and the kind of art I try to create. It’s kinda like legos– you have all these different shapes, but it’s up to you to put them together. Isn’t this so much better than art that does all the work for you? If you want it all spelled out for you, just watch MTV. But wisdom you didn’t work for has no value. It’s just a cliche until you put the pieces together for yourself. That’s my bent, anyway. Speaking of Bent, I’m listening to their album “The Everlasting Blink”. I’m pretty sure one of my english teachers had a rule against having the phrase, “Hot Damn!” twice in the same paragraph, but I cannot resist. Hot Damn! Wait, that’s three times. Nevermind. What I’m trying to say is I really like this album. It’s… charming or something. I don’t know, it’s just good.

circle around, circle around…

A few weeks ago I got fed up with Windows (again). But this time I did something about it, other than (I should say as well as) the usual cursing, hopping up and down, foaming at the mouth and chewing the rug. I switched to Linux. Gentoo Linux to be specific. This has been a slow and laborious process for me, but also one that was a long time coming. Consequently, I’ve been away from the blog– though it’s obvious I don’t spend much time here anyway. So, now that I’m back up and running, hopefully I’ll be stopping in a bit more often.