Missing: 1 little black book

Ok, so most of the time I’m good about maintaining a backup of important data. Most of the time. I’ll let you know: if you use, or ever decide to use linux, the -rf flag is very useful with many basic file manipulation commands, but if you’re going to use it, probably better add a -i and maybe a -v. ‘Cause sometimes you get on a roll, and only later realize that, well, you could have used that particular directory… particularly if it contained your address book.

At least with computers, what you don’t know can kick your ass. So, if you’ve been expecting an email from me recently, or if you would like for me to have your email address so that you can expect one from me from time to time, better send me an email first. Because I don’t have your address anymore. Believe me, I’m sorry.

Happy Birthday, bro!

No, I didn’t forget, but I did lose your email address. My brother is 20 this month. And now, finally, my mother has no more teenagers in the house. That makes about 19 years or so that she’s had to deal with some self-centered, obnoxious hormone factory. So happy birthday John, and congrats mom! You earned a vacation.