Off again, off again.

It should be fairly obvious just looking at this blog that consistency is not one of my strong points. But everyday, and in one or two ways, I’m getting better and better. I made a decision recently to refuse commisions for now. Probably for about a year. When I say “I,” I really mean that my daughter made this decision for me. She’s 2. She doesn’t like it when I paint without her. I kinda have problems when she spills paint, water, juice, milk, drool, or whatever other fluid is handy over my paintings. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this helps the painting, but I just don’t want to make it a habit. So I don’t paint when she’s awake, except for those times when spillage is required. This limits my productive time somewhat. Makes it hard to work on a deadline. Consequently, I’ve done away with deadlines. It feels nice. No more cooperation! No more comprimise! Art directors and editors can shove it! Hooray!

Now I can focus on painting for about 20-30 minutes a night on stuff that doesn’t have to make sense or be inoffensive. I would do it for longer, but that’s about as long as I can keep my eyes open after the “Terror of Two Years” has gone to bed.

“Freedom! Horrible, horrible freedom!”