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IF’s theme this week is Envy. This is a much better theme than last week– too good, in fact. I’ve had the opposite problem from last week, when I had trouble coming up with something worth drawing. Now there’s too many ideas. This is a theme I’ve dealt with before in previous paintings, so I […]
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When I draw, I watch my hand & the pencil making their movements in realtime, correcting and adjusting constantly. For me, it’s the typical creative process, to watch something becoming, and to push that becoming towards something recognizeable. I control the pace, though I don’t really know where I’m going till I get there– sometimes […]
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Illustration Friday: Aquatic

I had trouble coming up with a simple illustration of “Aquatic” that wasn’t just a “dictionary figure”– that is, an aquatic noun.
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Illustration Friday

Ever hear of it? It’s here. Their welcome describes it better than I want to. It’s something I’ve been doing to keep ahold of my illustration skills– not my “make pretty pictures” skills, but rather the “make pretty pictures that illuminate a topic” ones. I haven’t posted my solutions there for a few reasons. I […]
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Ack. Pfthht!

So I’m enjoying the no-pro lifestyle I’ve assumed. It’s great! I like working without a deadline, and not having to lobotomize my artwork in order to get paid. This is much better. But it’s really easy to slip into complete complacency, and not draw or paint anymore. Not only that, but some kind folks have […]
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