IF: Summer

The theme this time is summer. Didn’t feel like illustrating it, so I worked on a drawing of a summer memory– when I was in HS I worked as a swim instructor & coach during the summers. Every afternoon at 3:30 the pool was empty til 4 when the team I coached would arrive for practice. Empty, that is, except for me. I’d just float around the diving end of the tank, halfway between the surface and the bottom, watching my shadow on the below.

Probably the most peaceful times in my life. I still miss that.

IF: Digital

This one might need some explaining. Computers do just fine with digital thinking. A bit is either 1 or 0, on or off, black or white. What’s great for computers isn’t so great for us humans. Humans that think digitally are dangerous beings– those who are confident that they are good and right do the most unspeakable things. It’s that kind of digital that I chose to illustrate.