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Searching for the Blues

So I’m studying the Blues. Strictly armchair. I’d often read that the Blues were important to modern music, but I couldn’t _hear_ how they were important. So I started listening to old Blues, to try to suss out the bits that had filtered down. I couldn’t find them. See, I was looking for tiny details, […]
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What’s in a name?

All things change. Who am I to resist? I’ve changed the name of my website for several reasons, and I don’t know you well enough to get into all of them. Suffice it to say I was bored, and looking to muck things up a little bit. So what does Polymanic mean? The short answer […]
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Red Kali

I consider this to be another in my Kali series– but my more recent Kalis seem to have less traditional imagery, and more of my own. Does this mean they shouldn’t be called Kalis anymore? Maybe. But I’ll keep calling them that anyway. This one I have mixed feelings about. I’m embarrassed I didn’t ‘play […]
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IF: Sport

So I skipped a week or two. Get over it. I was going to skip this one as well, til a friend’s sketches for the theme pointed out to me that I was in a rut, and the whole point of doing IF was to try new things. :) How soon we forget.
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  • Drawings, Paintings, and Blatherings by James Pezzetti, artist and co-creator of Unicorn Soup