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Yesterday was thumbing through the Vancouver Zombiewalk 2005 photos at flickr and wishing I lived in a city that would spawn such spectacles. There are at least two Zombie Jesuses in the flickr footage, which gives me a warm tingly feeling all over. News of the zombiewalk made me very happy, and I spent a […]
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A little from column A, a little from column B

I just read Escaping the Delta: Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues. This is really an eye-opener for me, who so far have pieced Blues history together from various websites and cd inserts. The popular history of the Blues is quite different than what evidence suggests. The book has a lot of myth […]
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n Wrongs = Right

We’ve all been told at some point that two wrongs don’t make a right. Most of us have found proof of this in our lives as well. It makes sense. But the statement implies that at some point, some number of wrongs will, finally, equal a right. The question then becomes, “where is the threshold […]
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Santa’s Summer Job

I saw Santa Claus today. An old man, with a big belly covered by a red shirt, long white hair and beard. He had a baseball cap on his head, and a bag slung over his shoulder. The sack wasn’t full of toys though. It was a large clear garbage bag, filled with soda cans. […]
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Cogito Ergo Es

I’ve got the “paintings for sale” section up and running now, see the right hand column. One of the pieces listed is this one: “Cogito Ergo Es”. That’s latin, loosely translated as “I think therefore you is”. Robert Anton Wilson quotes a philosopher whom I’ve forgotten in Maybe Logic, “All perception is a gamble.” He […]
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  • Drawings, Paintings, and Blatherings by James Pezzetti, artist and co-creator of Unicorn Soup