So I haven’t updated in a while. So sorry. The truth is that since I started to learn to play guitar, painting and drawing have been sidelined a little. I still do it, but I’d rather play than post here. Nothing personal.
A year ago this March I started playing guitar. My first guitar I ordered online– nice and anonymous, didn’t want to be embarrassed showing off how little I knew about what I was getting into by showing up at a store and fumbling about. It was an epiphone les paul, a stripped down model they package with a tiny amp as starter kits. All told, I didn’t do too badly for not knowing a god damn thing. But it didn’t take me long to be lusting after something without training wheels.

I sold that guitar and its micro amp last summer, and bought an Ibanez Artcore AG75. It’s the model for the guitar the fella in the picture is playing. It looks smaller on me– maybe this guy’s not so big, but more likely I was thinking more of an 335 size. Whatever. The guitar is like butter, especially after I put ribbon-wound 11’s on it. Nice.

Wasn’t thinking of anyone in particular when I drew this, but it looks just a little like a young John Lee Hooker to me. It’s a rough sketch with rougher color– I don’t do too many preliminaries before painting, but it was a slow day at work.