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Little Gem part 3.1: Cab planning

After I completed my first Little Gem build, I was still uncertain whether I liked the design or not. I had used an ultra-cheap, tiny speaker, and damaged it when installing it– so would it sound better with a better speaker? Could I squeeze out more headroom? (headroom is a term for being able to […]
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Little Gem part 2: Combo

The Little Gem is very simple. It uses a tiny chip called “LM386-N” that does most of the work. A few capacitors help shape the tone, a potentiometer controls gain, and a rheostat for volume. With just a 9 volt battery, it’ll run an 8-Ohm cabinet– folks have bragged online that they’ve powered a 2×12 […]
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Little Gem part 1

After I built my partscaster, I decided I needed to try something that didn’t involve hours of spraying laquer or buffing. Something that didn’t require me to be an obsessive neat-freak; a trait that runs counter to my nature. Why not effects pedals? I found several sites online that had info to get me started. […]
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Sooner or later…

…I’ll get around to some of the things I’ve promised. Last year I built a ‘partscaster’: a telecaster-style guitar assembled from parts that I bought or ordered online. A local luthier helped me with the finish, and it sounds amazing. I’ll post a more in-depth look at the process– probably not step-by-step, since most of […]
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