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Little Gem part 4: Head Building

So I had a cab all set; time to build a head version of the Little Gem and hook it up. Capacitors, resistors & the amplifier chip come several to a package, so I didn’t have to buy the whole parts list again, just a pot, rheostat, the polarized resistors, prototype board, knobs, switch and […]
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Little Gem part 3.2: Cab Building

As you can see from the drawings in the previous post, I had some idea of what I wanted. The consensus among audiophiles is that finger-jointed cabinets and amps are the best sounding. They also are difficult to build well, and my inability to saw a straight cut rules them out. I also lack the […]
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  • Drawings, Paintings, and Blatherings by James Pezzetti, artist and co-creator of Unicorn Soup