Generally speaking, I don’t like small dogs. But there are more exceptions to this rule than situations where it applies. Like my misanthropism. In general, it’s easy to hate humans, but I am usually able to find something likeable about every person I meet. Usually.

Ham is the shop dog. He belongs to the manager of the place where I work. He’s a pug, supposedly purebred, but doesn’t really look it. He’s pretty leggy, and just plain bigger than purebred pugs seem to be. Of course, there’s more than one type of pug, and I am far from an expert. It doesn’t matter. Drawing him is difficult. The shapes that make up that squished up face are just a little baffling. But he’s so much fun to look at. So ugly! It’s hard not to laugh when looking at him. His walleye is just the cherry on top. He’s just over a year old, occasionally misbehaves, but is just so childlike and cheery. Add to that his goblin face and he’s just a pleasure to have around. And to draw.