We have cats. Have had ’em for about a year now. Cats have hair. Lots of hair. It gets everywhere. Particularly into my paintings, sticking to acrylics and oils, anything that stays sticky for at least 30 seconds. I’ve tried vacuuming (the house and the cats), different ventilation/filtration approaches. Just like entropy, cat hair is inevitable and everywhere.

So watercolors it is, then. The media I most neglected in art school. My own damn fault really, we had some teachers who were absolutely amazing with the medium. Me, I’ve got a lot to learn. Here’s a couple of versions of an illustration, with me experimenting. Watercolors and sumi ink.

The Blue Bomber

A couple of months ago I leveled up and worked enough hours for Normandy Guitars to earn my own. I chose a Blue Anodized Hardtail. The blue finish has been discontinued due to its difficulty to consistently apply, so mine is one of only 4 blue Normandy archtops out there. It’s a great axe, with a booming voice with a wide range– it sounds like a bassy Les Paul at the neck pickup, and has a drawling twang like a Tele at the bridge. Maple neck with rosewood top, with a profile that’s slightly on the heavy side of average thickness. It feels fast and comfortable. I’m thrilled with this thing, and decided to continue billing Normandy for credit– Jim’s working on another design that I’m really excited about, and he has a V that’s beautiful and balanced. Here are some pictures.

The guitars come with a custom case made by TKL. They’re very well made.

That’s my 30W Peavey Windsor. I love this amp.

My guitar teacher calls the badge on the headstock a “belt buckle.”