The Walking Dead are the classic movie monsters I was most frightened of as a child. Ever since the nightmares I had after studying pictures of Tutankhamun’s dessicated mug when I was 7, I’ve been fascinated by zombies. You may have noticed that shamblers are experiencing a sort of renaissance in pop culture. Really, they never went away, but particularly in video games, there are more zombie games now than ever. And I love it. To be honest I’m a little surprised I’m not bored with the idea of shooting zombies by now. But almost every night I find myself playing zombie video games.

These aren’t actually zombies, rather they’re mummies from Palermo. I used some of the magnificent photos here as reference. Mummies are fascinating to me as well, and they’re full of little details you can use to make your zombies a little more life- err, deathlike.