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Electric Kali: Progress. Also, Tim Knight is a Great Guy.

Making progress, slowly but surely. I’ve spent less time with this painting lately because I’m working on a new webcomic project, and Portal 2 came out. Seriously, buy this game. It’s excellent. More on the webcomic later, once the project is a little farther along. Here’s the final sketch for the painting. You can see […]
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Little Gem part 5: Ruby

If I seem to be leaving info you want to know out, see if I’ve mentioned it already in the previous Little Gem posts, below. Or, ask away in the comments section. The Ruby is a slight variation of the Little Gem design. The biggest difference is that it has a transister added to the […]
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Little Gem part 4: Head Building

So I had a cab all set; time to build a head version of the Little Gem and hook it up. Capacitors, resistors & the amplifier chip come several to a package, so I didn’t have to buy the whole parts list again, just a pot, rheostat, the polarized resistors, prototype board, knobs, switch and […]
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Little Gem part 3.2: Cab Building

As you can see from the drawings in the previous post, I had some idea of what I wanted. The consensus among audiophiles is that finger-jointed cabinets and amps are the best sounding. They also are difficult to build well, and my inability to saw a straight cut rules them out. I also lack the […]
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Little Gem part 3.1: Cab planning

After I completed my first Little Gem build, I was still uncertain whether I liked the design or not. I had used an ultra-cheap, tiny speaker, and damaged it when installing it– so would it sound better with a better speaker? Could I squeeze out more headroom? (headroom is a term for being able to […]
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Little Gem part 2: Combo

The Little Gem is very simple. It uses a tiny chip called “LM386-N” that does most of the work. A few capacitors help shape the tone, a potentiometer controls gain, and a rheostat for volume. With just a 9 volt battery, it’ll run an 8-Ohm cabinet– folks have bragged online that they’ve powered a 2×12 […]
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Little Gem part 1

After I built my partscaster, I decided I needed to try something that didn’t involve hours of spraying laquer or buffing. Something that didn’t require me to be an obsessive neat-freak; a trait that runs counter to my nature. Why not effects pedals? I found several sites online that had info to get me started. […]
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