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I’ve been working with graphics software for a while now. In prepress, I get files created by all sorts of people, in all sorts of ways, from all sorts of packages. Lots of people choose software packages and defend their choices vigorously, much like folks defend their politics. They have all sorts of reasons for […]
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How Does Your Garden Grow?

This one I made last spring, for my sister’s birthday. She’s been cultivating a garden that has become quite impressive. I’m considering the same, we’ve got some space here in the yard that might be useful for vegetable production. This is a pencil drawing colored in the GIMP, which I’ve been experimenting with quite a […]
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Anagrams are fun

Where have I been? Right here. Too busy to update the site, obviously. Well, not all that busy. Most of my free time’s spent playing Team Fortress 2. Maybe my priorities are a little outta whack. I have been working, though, and will have a couple of updates about that soon. For now, have a […]
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