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Soup’s On!

Where have I been? Long story. To make it short– I went on vacation, got sick, then my computer died. Excuses, excuses. But here’s the biggest one: I’ve been working on a new project. A webcomic collaboration with a friend, which we call Unicorn Soup. Check it out! We don’t have much of an archive […]
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…and we’re back

Got a sleek new look and a lot of changes under the hood, all thanks to my bro at Other Half Full.  Thanks John!  If you need web design or marketing assistance, he’s the man, drop him a line. Over the next few weeks I’ll get to know how to use this stuff, and hopefully […]
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Ack. Pfthht!

So I’m enjoying the no-pro lifestyle I’ve assumed. It’s great! I like working without a deadline, and not having to lobotomize my artwork in order to get paid. This is much better. But it’s really easy to slip into complete complacency, and not draw or paint anymore. Not only that, but some kind folks have […]
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Off again, off again.

It should be fairly obvious just looking at this blog that consistency is not one of my strong points. But everyday, and in one or two ways, I’m getting better and better. I made a decision recently to refuse commisions for now. Probably for about a year. When I say “I,” I really mean that […]
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Missing: 1 little black book

Ok, so most of the time I’m good about maintaining a backup of important data. Most of the time. I’ll let you know: if you use, or ever decide to use linux, the -rf flag is very useful with many basic file manipulation commands, but if you’re going to use it, probably better add a […]
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Happy Birthday, bro!

No, I didn’t forget, but I did lose your email address. My brother is 20 this month. And now, finally, my mother has no more teenagers in the house. That makes about 19 years or so that she’s had to deal with some self-centered, obnoxious hormone factory. So happy birthday John, and congrats mom! You […]
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circle around, circle around…

A few weeks ago I got fed up with Windows (again). But this time I did something about it, other than (I should say as well as) the usual cursing, hopping up and down, foaming at the mouth and chewing the rug. I switched to Linux. Gentoo Linux to be specific. This has been a […]
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make that 1,000,001 ways.
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the smell of Change is on the wind (or I need to do laundry)

I’m working on an overhaul of The first step is to generate some new content. Then is to convert some of that content to a saleable form. I’m growing less enthusiastic daily about selling my originals, so I intend to produce some more limited print runs for sale. Maybe some merchandising as well. I […]
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  • Drawings, Paintings, and Blatherings by James Pezzetti, artist and co-creator of Unicorn Soup